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Feeling Workaholic? Signs that you Need to Take a Break

Are you one of those who always stay up late for work? If you find happiness working beyond 10 pm, then you are one of the only who can still find joy out of long haul. However, for many of us, staying up late for work every single day (Saturdays and Sundays included), can be utterly heartbreaking. You might be feeling extremely fine working longer than your officemates, but in the long run, you may wake up one day drained, beat-up, burned out. Before you blow a fuse, here are the things that would probably tell you to stop, breathe, and loosen up:

You want to take a peek of your email every single time

An overworked person finds it difficult to achieve work-life balance, and that could mean checking your email while on a family dinner or a movie marathon with the kids. Being attached to your work day and night could compromise the precious time you have with your loved ones. And so, if you feel that you are missing out on most of these precious moments with your family and friends, you may consider loosening up a bit.

You work overtime almost all of the time

Working for longer period of time could be detrimental to one’s physical health. Sleeplessness and fatigue, for instance, are among those that can wreak havoc to your health in the long run. Unfortunately, New York unpaid overtime lawyers know how some employers try to shortchange their workaholic employees by not paying their overtime pays at all, or not paying them enough. So, if you are compelled to spend some more hours after your shift, at least make sure that your employer pays what he owes you. According to the Department of Labor,

Your thoughts are always about your work

One tell-tale sign that you are alcoholic is when you think about coming back to office to do some stuff when you are out in a vacation with your long-time friends. When you think about your office all the time, even during your rest and recreation, you are prohibiting your body to recover from all the work stress, making you feel tired and restless even after a vacation.