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Why you should start thinking mobile first!

In an era where connectivity is the new currency, nothing connects us best to everything than our smartphones. Whether you are spending some idle time in the comfort of your home or on the go somewhere far, your mobile phone is your way to connect and interact with the world. That’s why advertisers and marketers choose to go mobile first, for increased product recall and brand awareness.

Recent studies suggest that 78% of Facebook users and 60% of Twitter users in the U.S. are on mobile. This means that the mobile platform could be your key in increasing product awareness. Mobile advertising can be so effective that 41% of Facebook’s revenue comes from mobile advertisements alone.

And this advertising medium is not limited to certain industries. In fact, more and more sectors are beginning to realize how helpful mobile marketing is for their business. For instance, many law firms now benefit from the connectivity legal apps for attorneys provide. Now, potential clients will never have to worry about documenting accident data and capturing photos during an injurious car-related incident.

But what makes a mobile site or app stand out? Here are the two most important things that your potential clients must be probably looking for in your mobile website:


Smartphones don’t have the luxury of desktop screens. So you have to be precise on what you want to say. Go for shorter but wittier call-to-actions. Use prominent buttons with shorter action words. Your content should also be published in a font that’s highly visible, but not too large to be truncated.


One of the greatest mistakes that a mobile site could do is to leave its potential clients hanging. After talking about how well your brand is to your customers, now what? Should they view your video? Click buy? Subscribe to your newsletter? Whatever it is that you want your potential clients to do on their end, make sure that your mobile site is as interactive as it can possibly get.