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Abuse and Neglect in the Nursing Home

Putting a loved one in a nursing home can be a very emotional event. But you know that it is for the benefit of your loved one, as a nursing home is a place for care and nourishment. A nursing home has the qualified health personnel and proper medical facilities to ensure the dignified treatment for your loved one.

But there are instances where a nursing home can be place for abuse and neglect. Your loved one may sustain physical injuries, emotional issues, and psychological damages because of abusive and neglectful behaviors on the part of the nursing home staff.

As the adult, you should be the one responsible to ensure that your loved one is in a safe environment. If you get a loved one hurt in a nursing home, you might even blame yourself. The best way to avoid nursing home abuse and neglect is to know their signs.

Abuse can come in many forms, but they can generally be classified as physical and sexual. Signs of physical abuse include unexplained injuries and bloody or torn clothing. Signs of sexual abuse include reproductive or pelvic injuries and unwarranted sexually transmitted diseases.

The abuse can also have emotional and psychological effects, such as anxiety, depression, social withdrawal, and intense fear, especially in the presence of a particular nursing home staff.

Neglect can also be considered a form of abuse. The most common forms of neglect are dehydration and malnutrition. Be wary of signs of dehydration and malnutrition, such as dried lips and skin and weight loss. Hygiene is another aspect that is often neglected. Be wary of hygiene problems, such as soiled clothing.

There are also instances where those who need specific medical care are neglected. If your loved one has a medical condition, make sure that he or she is receiving the right medication on time and that his or her condition is not worsening by receiving adequate treatment.